Meeting Women in Agricultural Sciences

Winter 2022/23 | Agroforestry as a robust land use option

  • Esther Reith (TUM)
  • "Potential of agroforestry in Panama"

Location: Furtner Bräu, Freising for talks, discussions and beer.

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Excellence and Commitment - Research for One Health

Interdisciplinary project teams at the TUM School of Life Sciences explore highly topical issues in the field of life sciences.

Good health means global health. For the TUM School of Life Sciences, “One Health” is the mission to improve global health on our planet. Climate change, population growth and dwindling resources as well as the related challenge of food security require real innovations. Only if the interactions between humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, soil and the environment are fully functional can the world remain healthy and viable into the future.

Scientists from various disciplines are therefore cooperating and collaborating at the TUM School of Life Sciences. Their interdisciplinary research includes topics from the fields of living environments, agriculture and forestry, food and nutrition as well as molecular health. This research generates a wealth of knowledge for creating the best possible living and development conditions on earth.

Whether it is cells, organisms or ecosystems, the researchers of the TUM School of Life Sciences have all levels in view. They aim to recognize interrelationships, link new findings and discoveries, and thus create a systemic approach towards a healthy future on our planet.

Research Networks at the TUM School of Life Sciences

More than 70 professors at the TUM School of Life Sciences work in three research departments according to their specialist subjects or criteria related to scientific research methodology.

An extensive network of research institutes cooperates closely with the departments.

The TUM corporate reseach centers which have settled on the campus Weihenstephan are dedicated respectively to an individual theme focus and also include other departments of TUM.

Gain insights into the interdisciplinary research and work topics in our brochure TUM School of Life Sciences - Working for One Health (german, english, pdf, 8 MB).

Research News

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Twelve talented researchers at TUM have been awarded ERC Starting Grants by the European Research Council (ERC) - three of them from the TUM School of Life Sciences. The European Union provides these research grants to academics...[more]

Research, Award, Top-News | 21.11.2022 Highly Cited Researchers rankings - Six researchers from the TUM School of Life Sciences among the most cited worldwide

Fourteen TUM researchers belong to the world's most frequently cited scientists. Their names can be found in the latest Highly Cited Researchers rankings. [more]

Research | Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes - Synthetic peptides may suppress formation of harmful deposits

In Alzheimer's disease, the degeneration of brain cells is linked to formation of toxic protein aggregates and deposits known as amyloid plaques. Similar processes play an important role also in type 2 diabetes. A research team...[more]